Name: Verity Rank
Price: 163.50 USD

By purchasing this Rank you will receive the following perks within our server:


☛ Access to /seen to view when a player last logged on.
☛ Access to /fly.
☛ Access to /nick with colors and all formatting.
☛ Access to /enderchest.
☛ Access to /veritychat.
☛ Access to /chatcolor to stand out in chat.
☛ Access to /showcase to show your item in chat.
☛ Access to /invsee to view other player's inventories.
☛ Access to /autoprestige to automatically prestige when mining.
☛ Access to colored signs.
☛ Access to /shout to display a bold global message in chat.
☛ Access to /hat to place an item on your head.
☛ Access to /glow to make your player stand out with a glowing outline.
☛ Access to /flex to display all of your prison stats globally.
☛ Access to /sethome to be able to return to a location.


☛ x6 Money Multiplier
☛ x6 Token Multiplier
☛ In-Game Verity Prefix
☛ Discord Verity Prefix
☛ x6 Player Vaults
☛ x6 Extra Plots


☛ 70,000,000 Tokens
☛ $7,000,000,000
☛ 7,000 Credits
☛ 7 Verity Crate Key